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The 3 branches on information about Vasomotion & Microcirculation

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Either on academic / scientific field or pratical info's about the technology or first, getting information about effects
of supporting vasomotion & microcirculation on REHAB and sports.
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APRIL 2020: Application of BEMER System @ ICU @ ARDS (e.g. COVID-19)

APRIL 2019: 2 Papers & Posters at the ESM-EVBO 2019 at Maastricht
about PEMF @ Hypertension and PEMF @ REHAB in Sports and other cases.

New publications: => ICU-ARDS-COVID 19 [MOVIE] / Hypertension / HART-Problems / Multiple Sclerosis / Spataderen / Huid-Problemen.....

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    1 - International Microvascular Network - Scientific Information

    • Modern medicine is increasingly recognizing the complex connections of the entire vascular system and is focusing more and more on the interplay between the large vessels and the microvessels in the peripheral circulation.
    • For many years, arteries and veins have been scientifically documented in basic research.
    • Only in recent years has the significance of the microvessels been thoroughly investigated – and the findings give rise to new hope for excellent therapeutic approaches in the entire vascular system.
    • The point of departure mentioned above – and the various international findings and experience – constitute a clear requirement to create a sound expert forum.


    2 - Fysische Vasculaire Therapy BEMER - Wereld-Patent op unieke technologie

    Physical Vascular Therapy is used in a diversity of fields today. The improvement of microcirculation, i.e. blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits your health, your immune system and your overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways. Based on years of experience, Physical Vascular Therapy has continously been developed – making some ground-breaking findings on the biorhythm of local and higher level regulatory processes. An effective stimulation of microcirculation supports the body’s most important control mechanisms for healing, recovery and regeneration processes, and can also be used for numerous treatments and indications.



    3 - Field experiences in sport & REHAB

    Examples given from cases of sport-accidents, extreme-climbing tours & other disciplines as also daily support on training. Mr. BSc WMR Balliel, running his own pratice as an independant health practitioner, waits to answer your questions.